Tara von Neudorf

First of all, we'd like to say a few words about what's going to happen on this blog... It will be a journey rich of inspirational images, people we love, people's creations that take our breath away and we look upon them with great admiration, places that make us dream, anything that makes our mind wonder and stimulates our working process, that helps us build our art and helps us want to be more than what were yesterday and even more than what we'll be tomorrow.

Let us start our travel with an artist we admire for so long! We are so happy we can introduce him to you: Tara von Neudorf. He is a very well known emerging  romanian artist. His works are full of imagination, black humor, irony, sarcasm, criticism ...and so much more, and of course a truly great talent. Enjoy!

6 comentarii:

Papillon Bleu spunea...

Nice to discover your new blog!

Alisa Proctor spunea...

Love your new blog. Fantastic featured artist!

Denise Scaramai spunea...

I mean you've started very well this trip! life needs moments of breathtaking, this is our fuel!
I loved the proposal of the blog!
and loved know these works of Tara von Neudorf! are awesome!
a big hug ;))

Anonim spunea...

I like the concept of your blog, thanks for sharing Tara von Neudorf's work.
I will be back to see more,
X David, NYC

paula nerhus spunea...

I really enjoyed your new blog....it would be so fun to do one like this ! it is exceptional! I really enjoyed the artist work you have displayed. Love it!

Miren spunea...

Nice, very nice to see your blog...Is one museum of dreams at all!!!!